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Tips to Grow Real Estate Business in Pakistan

Having their own house is the fantasy of everybody in Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis or living in any little or metro city, land ownership gives all a feeling of safety and a protected future. Property business in Pakistan has demonstrated fruitful business, and just with conveniences and relaxations, the business is blasting.   After viewing its potential, many individuals will generally begin their property business to earn wealth and generate revenue. In any case, pause! Wait for just a minute to recall that each business needs a system - a procedure is a tool that leads toward progress.   Here we have assembled a list of tips for property organizations in Pakistan that will help the property business in 2022 to develop, and you can take it to the next even out of progress.   Purposeful Networking:   Networking is one of the most significant variables that assist in developing any business. In any case, all networking is not useful; the proprietor needs to move toward the designated individuals in various systems networking occasions to grow a business. When you stroll into any occasion, your point ought to be to interface with individuals who can be useful to your business. Networking is advantageous either to share something or an individual who can help economically.   Favorable way to network: Whenever you visit any networking event, try to attend a minimum of one to three objectives for the systems networking event. Zero in on your objectives each time you meet with somebody at the occasion. If you know the host or somebody on occasion, request that they introduce you to other people who can assist with acquiring your objectives. Using time productively:   Time is cash is an old proverb that is correct. Using time effectively can help you accomplish your objectives for a fruitful business. If you are somebody continuously attempting to meet your daily schedule, developing your business is impossible.   Sometimes, the most compelling reason for missing commitments is an interruption, which is the issue of numerous realtors. A typical issue among those individuals has restricted work area time sum and consistently growing developments to make due.   Supportive tip: A time usage instrument can assist with getting sorted out your everyday timetable. You can generally save the ideal opportunity for interruptions for ten minutes consistently. For example, any undesirable call can be completed in ten minutes.   Email Campaign:   Property business generally tracks their leads with a CRM framework. The time has come to draw in with them through email campaigns and promotion if you are additionally the one. The email pamphlet gives you an edge to show them your insight into land overall.   Favorable to Tip: While messaging your leads, incorporate a 'Source of inspiration button. You can add it by sharing some blog entries or alluring arrangements or downloading educational substance. Each email includes an objective, and your Call-to-activity (CTA) button can help you satisfy it. References:   As per the review reports, around 75% of realtors, business comes from references and verbal. A decent standing in the market is essential to take things to a higher degree of progress. Reviews from past clients can help a ton; you can also get references from guests by:   · Offering reference gifts · Mentioning references on your site · Offer branded materials for simple references · Offer insightful gifts to the clients by reference   Expert tip: Test various thoughts as a reference and see which one works best, enhancing the ideal way to work for your business.   Utilize Social Media Strategically: Social Media is an extraordinary medium to help and develop any business. Anyway, numerous web-based entertainment entrepreneurs considered it a difficult task. As indicated by the details, 2.8 billion individuals all over the planet utilize online entertainment and disregarding it as a promoting element is impossible. To Grow your business, it is savvy to be dynamic on various online entertainment platforms if you can't try to use at least one of them.   Staying Active on Social Media:   Making and managing clients appears to be difficult, yet 2.8 billion individuals are utilizing online entertainment, making it difficult to ignore. To develop your business, it's wise to be dynamic on something like one social media platform, where you can run advertisements, share content and generate leads, all while contacting a wide crowd of possibly potential sellers and buyers.   The following are some ways to create the social media platforms as a growth tool:   Live visits through houses available to be sold with Facebook are a fantastic decision. Although if not lots of people live during live sessions but they can watch it later on your divider. Use Instagram to praise new homers or show pictures of the most current house on the posting with the select elements. You can support posting on your social account so they can contact a more extensive crowd. You can pick the interest group with the district, age, occupation, etc. Making your arrival explicit and arriving at the greatest number of people will be useful.   Supportive tip: Start your business social communication with Facebook as it will contact a more extensive crowd. There are numerous choices for promoting on Facebook than on some other stage. Make sure to innovate:   Virtual Tours or Metaverse are both changing the state of the property business. Virtual Tours are 3D live recordings of your home that permits the client to get an encounter like an actual visit, and they can purchase properties.   Metaverse empowers likely purchasers to put resources into Blockchain Technology. The innovation is characterized as a circulated record, decentralized innovation ordinarily known as DLT. A financial backer can purchase land on Metaverse by joining with Metaverse stages like Decentraland, Infinity, Axie, etc.   Favorable to Tip: Use of VR innovation gives you an edge over your rivals. You can test it by putting a couple of houses available to be purchased visits using VR and seeing the positive result. Employing partner:   To wrap things up, help is incredible assistance! With time, the business develops, and overseeing everything yourself is impossible. Collaborators can help coordinate among clients and merchants' direction and timetable gatherings.   Favorable to Tip: If you can't enlist nearby full-time help, employ a VA. You can track down virtual help on outsourcing sites like Fiver and UpWork.   That is a wrap! The real Estate Business in Pakistan is considered among the best business. Accordingly, there is a great deal of competition in the business. With appropriate methodologies, you can develop the property business in 2022.  



  Putting Investment in Commercial Property can be a decent method for putting away your cash, particularly assuming you live in a big city or pick a property situated in a city like Islamabad. Business interest in Islamabad is picking up speed because of different reasons.   Being the country's capital, the city is home to a few public and worldwide associations. It is located on the advertised up course of CPEC, which makes it the future center point of local business exercises.   Islamabad is blossoming with the quickest developing business framework, expecting these business possibilities. The Blue region was viewed as the center for every one of the business exercises; however, over the long run, it is overloaded.   New commercial projects are required to oblige the necessities of expanded interest for business spaces. This is when the chance to put investments into business properties in Islamabad comes. TYPES OF COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INVESTMENTS Commercial Real Estate is a property that is leased to organizations or organizations. These can be places of business, stores, or malls. Regularly, there are composite utilized business structures: a kind of building utilized for private purposes and business.   Choices of business Investment in Islamabad are various and incorporate many properties. The significant sorts incorporate shops, office spaces, modern spaces, warehouses, eateries, and mixed-use structures. Warehouses You can find an illustration of distribution centers like modern regions. Hotels Hotels additionally go under the commercial Real Estate. Eateries Dining spaces, eateries, and fast-food restaurants usually occupy the vast space of commercial Real Estate. Offices They oblige organizations. It can likewise be corporate workplaces or cooperating spaces. Shops and Stores This sort of business space incorporates the stores of retailers. In this class, we additionally track down retail plazas, everything being equal. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY AS AN INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Property Investors like to purchase commercial Real Estate. Business land enjoys a few upper hands over residential Property. However, more extended rental agreements are typically on the table.   The return is, accordingly, safer than with residential real estate. The rents for offices and shops are higher than residential real estate, which means massive income for investors. Higher Rental Yield One of the primary motivations behind why investors are keen on business land to put away their cash is the rental income, which is more than residential units in this kind of speculation. Various Investment Options One more motivation to invest in business land is the variety of premises ready to move. Assuming you are keen on commercial Investment in Islamabad, for example, office space or shop, you will track down a vast determination. Investors are additionally intrigued to put resources into clinical facilities, hotels, restaurants, and industry-specific zones.   High Profitability One of the incredible benefits of putting resources into commercial Property is its undeniable productivity. For sure, the average productivity of premises for business users, by and large, is higher than that of residential properties.   The productivity of business property is much more appealing, mainly if they are situated in a charming area, for example, a bustling city area or a business region.   Higher-Income The higher productivity of commercial guarantees you a superior profit from your Investment. In the first place, more rental time frames guarantee a specific permanence of rental assets. Furthermore, a specific number of routine maintenance costs are, on a basic level, the responsibility of the inhabitant.   A Safer Investment One more justification for picking a commercial investment is the more critical security it gives the investor. Putting resources into a shopping center makes you liberated from any strain of illegal occupation regardless if you are abroad. The Property Remains in Good Condition People who occupy a rental residential real estate mostly leave the house badly, requiring fixes. This isn't something similar to commercial land. By getting warehouses, businesses, and offices, you are ensured to track down the spot in excellent condition. How to Find the Best Commercial Investment Option?   The least demanding and most helpful way is to take advice from property investment advisors. We have the inheritance to direct our investors with the best of our insight and the most recent patterns of the business. Assuming you want help with commercial investments, we are only one call away.   If you are looking all alone, you should think about a couple of things before your commercial real estate investment.   Area of the Commercial Property Putting resources into commercial Property is unique as assumptions are different, relying upon the business area, costs, etc. The most appropriate areas are the significant shopping regions, squares, etc. New or Previously Sold Commercial Property The upside of Investment in old properties offers the chance to know the rent and, in this way, expect the rental yield. Moreover, investments in new commercial properties are more helpful in different ways. You can get it in portions, and the cost usually is lower than in more established shops.   Purchasing a business space to lease it out enjoys many benefits if you pick the right area. This progression is fundamental to put the chances on your side to guarantee a wise investment. The commercial property should be situated in a shopping road or a region with high business potential, close to a metro station or significant retailers.  


Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022 

    The Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022 works better than numerous other valuable investment opportunities. The Pakistan property prospect 2022 has demonstrated that it will also be an extended blast period for the property market like earlier. Due to many reasons, for example, unsteady gold costs, unstable, inflation in the stock exchange, etc. Pakistan's government has brought down the interest rate and reported motivations for the business people and investors to relieve the economic effect of the pandemic last year, which brought about the improvement of many budget-friendly projects to which investors had contributed a ton for many reasons. This impact should be visible stretching out towards this year as well. Numerous Pakistani residents and abroad Pakistani's are putting resources into the land area, making it the more practical area of the country right now. Land Investment in 2022 in Pakistan is more supported than in some other areas because of the benefits and advantages.   Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2022   However, selecting the right property is critical to making your investment fruitful. Various factors like the property's area, the reason for investment (housing or business), and the main component, your spending plan to put resources into the property, ought to be assessed before the genuine investment in Pakistan. This can save the financial backers from many issues after putting resources into some unacceptable project or contributing unacceptable amounts.   Investment Opportunities in Different Pakistani Cities:   Various urban areas in Pakistan have different venture potentials and profits from speculation. So assessing each choice is better before pursuing a speculative choice. The following are the investment capability of various Pakistani Cities:   Real Estate Lahore:   Lahore, the city of nurseries, is the second most significant city in Pakistan. Property in Lahore has numerous opportunities to search. Lahore Real Estate Investment in 2022 will be very beneficial as numerous multi-reason/skyscraper projects are sent off in Lahore, where you can put resources into business shops, workplaces, apartments, penthouses, and so forth. Lahore additionally has various social orders like Bahria orchard, DHA, Bahria Town Al Noor Orchard, Al Kabir Town, and numerous comparative social orders where the business and housing areas are independent and separate from the goal inhabitants can reside in a quiet and serene climate.   Because of the rising populace of Lahore, the housing space is additionally shrinking, and the pattern of penthouses and apartments in tall structures is demanding. The flats are more affordable than the houses or residential plots and are preferred more than the most recent 3 years. Individuals need a comfortable, however, reasonable spot in apartment homes that can satisfy their requirements and needs.   For instance, in social orders like Bahria Town Lahore or DHA Lahore, putting resources into a plot or house is more costly than flats. A developed place of 10 or 8 Marla in a decent region will associate with 2 to 3 Crore relying on the materials utilized and their quality. Be that as it may, the two-bed or three-room apartments in a similar region will cost you significantly less. There are various flats in Bahria Town Lahore with ongoing booking, for example, ABS Mall, AR 14 and Residency, Pearl One Tower, and so on.   Thus, by putting resources here, investors will have a private space, and a lot of their savings left with them, and they will be nearer to work because the structure is a multipurpose and tall building project.   Lahore has a new yet progressing trend of restaurants, hotels, and cafes based on a particular theme like one of contemporary, boho, vintage, and so forth, which gives the clients a comfortable inclination. To make your clients charmed, the rental structures for these projects should be changed somewhat. To keep away from this, individuals purchase and put resources into their places to proceed with their business. So we can see Lahore has positive opportunities for property investment in 2022. Land Karachi: Karachi, the city of lights, is a significant city in Pakistan and is known for its different investment opportunities and large property projects. Karachi has one of the extraordinary and better areas and societies that investors can consider for real estate investment in Pakistan. These housing communities have both commercial and residential areas in which one can find homes, villas, apartments, shops, commercial and residential plots, and, soon, various kinds of investment.   Karachi's prime property market rotates around Bahria Town Karachi and DHA Karachi. These two societies are massive projects highlighting numerous profitable and attractive properties for investment purposes. There is no limitation on the identity to put resources into these two residential communities. The administration of these residential communities recommends abroad Pakistanis put resources here.   These housing communities have the best properties available to be purchased in both the commercial and residential classes. These societies also have multipurpose ventures like offices, commercial shops, and apartments in one project.   The high-rise buildings of both DHA Karachi and Bahria Town Karachi's appointments begin from 2 Lac and increment with the idea of the task, area, region cover, and so forth. So, we can say that putting resources into Karachi's land can bring exceptional returns, have colossal potential, and have positive open doors for property investment in 2022.   Real Estate Islamabad/Rawalpindi:   The capital city of Pakistan and its twin Rawalpindi are other incredible urban communities for ventures where investors get significant profits on their investments. Inhabitants also are significantly impacted by the excellence and quietness of the city alongside high ROI and rental pay for their speculations. The residential communities that offer great profit from your interest in twin urban communities are additionally Bahria Town Islamabad and DHA Islamabad. Other than these societies are   Gulberg Greens Housing Scheme Capital Smart City Park View City Blue World City Silver City Housing Scheme Realm Valley Islamabad Islamabad/Rawalpindi are being given the amenity of Ring Road. The distant projects like Bahria Town, which were disregarded initially, will be effectively available for the inhabitants. Ring Road can undoubtedly associate Bahria Town with the city areas in only a 20-25 minutes drive.   DHA and Bahia Town are viewed as the richest. However, they are on the good side for having homes as well as for business ventures as well.   Real Estate Gwadar:   Gwadar, which will be the investment center point in the coming future for Pakistan because of the Ports here, has a broad scope of real estate investment opportunities. Numerous residential communities have been sent off around here after the declaration of CPEC for the last 4-5 years. Individuals who can see the capability of putting them here aid in expanding the profits. The all-inclusive strategy of Gwadar is additionally finished and endorsed. These housing projects have a few properties available to be purchased, for the most part, accessible in portions.   The CPEC's Chinese staff's home in Gwadar is expanding the investment here. The city has incredible potential for interest over the long haul. Aside from this, one of the excellent seashores in the world can be viewed here. Investors who need quick returns shouldn't contribute here as the city isn't grown totally. Just long-haul investors ought to favor Gwadar for the venture.   Land Multan:   Multan, the city of the holy people, is likewise seeing expansion in property investment in 2022. Numerous residential communities are being sent off in Multan and sold out.   Individuals are contributing increasingly more here because of the extraordinary returns and better private opportunities presented by these societies.   Land Gujranwala:   Gujranwala is presently becoming one of the top urban communities of Pakistan with great choices of property investment in 2022. ARY Laguna will be created in DHA Gujranwala, which offers numerous speculation valuable opportunities for interest in housing and commercial areas.   We can see that there are numerous extraordinary land area potential opportunities in Pakistan for property interest in 2022 that can offer gigantic returns and tremendous benefits. Putting resources into this area is additionally gainful because of the brought-down charges by the public authority this year.   Contact us for the booking of your property in any significant urban communities of Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore. We are the approved specialists for Bahria Town and give certified conferences to our clients. Our Youtube Channel is here for daily updates on the data about land patterns, new tasks, and the most recent advancements of old ventures.   List of Cities of Pakistan regarding Real Estate Forecast 2022:   Peshawar Real Estate Forecast 2022 Gujranwala Real Estate Forecast 2022 Faisalabad Real Estate Forecast 2022 Islamabad Real Estate Forecast 2022 Lahore Real Estate Forecast 2022 Karachi Real Estate Forecast 2022 Multan Real Estate Forecast 2022 Sialkot Real Estate Forecast 2022 Gujrat Real Estate Forecast 2022 Quetta Real Estate Forecast 2022    


Coronavirus Effects on Real Estate Industry

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life. This is creating economic primacy. The nature of government’s response to the disease is changing everyday due to which people are experiences uncertainty. Will Coronavirus effects the real estate sector? The answer is definitely yes. There are many factors that are effecting on real estate sector. Directly or indirectly we look at them sequentially. Sale and Purchase is extremely Low Customer who wants to buy or sell property is getting information through phone or social media but cannot come to office or visit the site. Government is preventing from gatherings due to the increasing threat of corona and that’s right. But because of that fear customer is still implementing on see and wait. Real Estate Market Trend Islamabad’s property sector has the highest turnout in March and April. Property Expo was held during those months which meant booking a new project, especially in real estate. There was a lot of activities to seen in the month of March and April (due to Ramdan) in the real estate sector. Overseas Investment As the coronavirus has become a global pandemic so overseas Pakistani’s are also affecting by it. They are seeking information but still waiting for the situation to get better in Pakistan. About thirty percent investment in the real estate sector of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is from overseas Pakistani’s those who didn’t cancel the purchase but postponed. Trend of Prices Nothing can be said about price reductions or overpricing because of the lockdown, the sale of property is not still possible it will be known only after the market opens. Even before the market closed, the market was not trending very fast. Therefore, prices are unlikely to fall even after the property office opens. State Bank of Pakistan lowers interest rates and lowers rates on stock exchange investor may prefer to invest in property. Due to the lower interest rate by State Bank of Pakistan along with the lowest rate by stock exchange, investor may prefer to invest in property which can also improve prices.  Afterwards Impacts The immediate impact of the virus may be increasing the rates of dollar and gold. Because it was happening in past in an epidemic, war or uncertainty but that happens temporarily. Prices go up to normal rates as soon as the uncertainty ends. Eventually everything will return to normal, all walks of life will be good but some people may not be with us. Coronavirus has changed the story in 2020. The virus will be controlled but in every aspect of society, its effects will be visible. And a new story will start in 2021.    

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Career Opportunities From Behria Twon Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is now offering a career opportunity for the citizens. It is offering 12 different job vacancies in its different projects. Bahria Town Karachi is Asia’s biggest Real Estate Developer in the private sector. It has received ten International Property awards.  It has a huge team of foreign and also local workers. Consequently, it is a good opportunity for the citizen to work along with such a huge architectural firm. Avail this good opportunity by sending your CV today.



Bahria Town Management has decided to give relife to its members by giving  an option of surrender  /merger for Awami Villa,s project at a lucrative price as under: Awami Villa files can be surrendered against open merger certificate which can be merged into any  project of Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi including Bahria Enclave, Garden city, Golf city, and  Phase  I-VIII project except the project being dealt by corporate office or JV projects with DHA or  any other company@;               Standard Villa = 13,21,000/-               Premiun Villa  =15,00,000/->No transfer fee tax & Payment  of outstanding surcharge applicable/Payable.>100% principal amount has to be paid before surrendering  any  flie/registration  >NDC to be applied a day prior [24 hours] to surrender Awami villa’s file which will be valid for next 15 days .>Surrender performa on stamp paper of RS:50/- against merger value of file has to be signed by the allottee/attorney .>Open merger certificate will be issued against each surrendered Awami villa file .>Open merger certificate will be valid for the period of one year from the date of issuance .>No adjustment or any kind of refund will be given after expiry of one year time.>Documents  required for refund process :-            =>Copy of CNIC allong with original and and two [2] latest passport size photographs.            =>Original Allotment letter /transfer letter & deposit slips.>Management of Bahria Town [Pvt] Ltd is not responsible for any theft or loss of this certificate.>Duplicate merger certificate will not be issued in any case .>This option will be valid till 15th of February 2018.


Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension Development and Investor View

Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 8 extension is a good project for investment in bahria town.it is situated near Awami villa sector 3,.This project is divided into 6 sectors.In future Ring Road will connect Rawalpindi to phase 8 extension .Residential plot sizes in phase 8 extension are 5,8,10 marla and 1 kanal plots are available on cash only.In future All facilities like parks,hospitals ,Golf course,hosipal etc .will be available here.Road size is minimum 40 feet wide and maximum 110 feet wide. Price on launching was following 5 marla price was 8 lac 8 marla price was 11 lac 10 marla price was 13 lac 16 installment with each after 3 months. 20 marla plot was merged in back 2010 with other blocks. It's never too late to get the best. Phase-8 Extension, now offers you to be the part of the most modern community in Rawalpindi. Location: Adjacent to Phase-8 Block N and in close proximity to fully developed residential communities of Bahria Awami villas sector 3 and Adyala Rawat Road. Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension is the cheapest investment option in Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi. It offers residential plots of different sizes i.e. 5 marla (25×45), 8 marla (30×60) and 10 marla (35×70). The project was launched in 2010 and plots were offered on 4 year installment plan. Files are available on resale in the market and all payments have been cleared. Location of Phase 8 Extension is a bit farther from Awami Villas 3 which is located in Sector N, therefore not many people have seen that area and actual development status of the project. Normally people quote profit rates for each category of plots, and you might not understand what will be the actual cost, so you can check the actual paid amount of these plots below. Add these amounts to the profit rates to get your actual cost for some plot in phase 8 extension. Phase 8 Extension is again a very large block which is subdivided into 6 precincts. Each precinct has its own map and number of plots. Find attached the layout map of these precincts in phase 8 extension. Since phase 8 extension is the cheapest investment option in Bahria Town Phase 8, and prices are at their lowest at present, phase 8 extension could be considered as a very good investment option for a period of 2+ years. In investment prospective Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension will be the best return gun in near future due to many prospective, phase 8 extension is nearing all best location of Rawalpindi. Apart from this a very prime location of all blocks with solid land. Development will be competed in 5 year In 2013 prices gets boost upto 30 lac for 10 marla plot but the price of 10 marla plot is 16 lac but price will be better day by day. We recommend you to invest in Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension for best result on investment.


FBR Slashes The Tax on Property in Pakistan

FBR Overall, an increase of 25-30% occurred in six to seven major cities of Pakistan during the past few months. Increased property values meant FBR was on the way to collect more revenue through taxes. However, latest decision by the Board will see decreased property rates in following cities of Pakistan. FBR Pakistan released notification couple of day ago as per 11 Dec 2017. FBR changed the policy regarding real estate of Pakistan. FBR revised the plan of 2016 tax process Federal board of Revenue (FBR) has released six new notifications after which a significant reduction in land property prices will occur. FBR decided to revise the 2016 policy which was initiated by then finance minister Ishaq Dar. • Peshawar • Rawalpindi • Islamabad • Faisalabad • Lahore • Karachi Bahria Town: Rates in Bahria Town will be revised as follows: • Phase-1: Rs 280,000 per marla after 25.33% decrease. • Phase-1 Extension: Rs 165,000 per marla after 56% decrease. • Phase-II: Per marla cost Rs 160,000 after 54.2% decrease. • Phase-II Extension: Rs 150,000-Rs 200,000 per marla after a 57.2% decrease. • Executive Meadows Phase-III: Rs 270,000 per marla after 55% decrease. For more details and rates updates Please follow our blogs and news updates


Bahria Town Finance For House Is Now Possible

Bahria Town House Loan Scheme is now easy with Escorts Investment bank limited.Bahria Town Accuires the share of investment Company for People of Bahria Town, Who wereintrested to buy house on installment in Bahria Town Pakistan. Bahria Town Pakistan always bringing something to accomodadte the people of Pakistan. This Company will Allow the people to take Laon for house because earlier no bank was willing to finanace the property in bahria town pakistan. Pakistani property tycoon, Malik Riaz Hussain inked the sales purchases agreement (SPA) to take over Escorts Investment Bank Limited and its brokerage house at the token price of Rs. 1. This non-banking financial institute was in hot waters since 2014 and was unable to fulfill its financial obligations. The Manager to the Offer (MTO) AKD Securities Limited made the announcement at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday and disclosed the details of the Sales Purchase Agreement. According to details in the SPA, Bahria Town agreed to take over more than 85 percent of Escorts Investment Bank shares. Bahria Town will purchase these shares in 2 different lots. It will buy 71 percent of the sponsor shares of Escorts Investment Bank at the price of Rs. 1. “The sale and purchase of 31,385,126 Ordinary Shares representing 71.168% of the total issued share capital of the Target Company, Escorts Investment Bank Limited, at an aggregate sale price of PKR 1/- calculated at the rate of PKR 0.0000000319/- per share. The Sponsor Sellers’ shares are held in blocked Central Depository Company (CDC) accounts and will be transferred to the Bahria Town after further regulatory clearances from the regulators”, the announcement said. Public Announcement of Offer to acquire up to 6,357,437 (14.42 percent) ordinary shares of Escorts Investment Bank Limited come at a price of Rs. 10.23 per share. These shares will be sold after voting and take over rights. Bahria Town has adequate financial resources to fulfill the obligations under the arrangements of the Public Offer. To the satisfaction of the Manager to the Offer (AKD Securities), a cash deposit of PKR 65 million was made in an escrow account operated by the MTO. The announcement said, “If the Acquirer fails to pay in response to the Public Offer as required under the Act and the Regulations, the Manager to the Offer can demand the amount required to make payment to the shareholders who will tender their shares in response to the Public Offer.” The management of Escorts Investment Bank was not able to pay NBFC License fee since 2014. The bank also fails to meet the minimum equity requirement of Rs. 600 million. It has not been able to pay the outstanding amount of Rs 450 million to its depositors as well. Accounts show that the bank also failed to pay Rs. 311 million of tax on assets and investments for its subsidiary. The total exposure of the bank in its wholly-owned subsidiary, Escorts Capital Limited, is more than Rs. 375 million This is huge news for people who were looking to buy property in Bahria Town on installments because of this agreement now it is possible to take finanace for property In Bahria Town Pakistan all projects. But Advice Associates always bringing something better for our clients we have some installment plan of houses in Bahira Town Rawalpindi And Cash Price Availabilty Please follow the link.For more details and information please follow us. http://bahriahome.com/


Bahria Enclave Hosted the Humongous New Year Celebration For Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Bahria Town hosted twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad for new year celebration at beautiful Bahria Enclave Islamabad . New Year Celebration started with a very energetic concert performances by singers. Thousand of families enjoy the music before the Humongous fireworks. When Clock tickle to 12 o clock fireworks started with slow motion and ended on high note where not only in bahria enclave but also people from margala hills and bahria town rawalpindi witnessed the grand firework from liberty view phase Bahria Town. Fireworks started with music and laser lights which were presenting the never seen before view for the peoples of twin cities. Traffic was jam till 4 o clock the turn around was unbelievable countless number of cars and people were there to witnessed this amazing fireworks. For more updates please follow us. Happy New Year to our Readers


Parchi Cast In Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Parchi Film Cast Meet and Greet Session in Rawalpindi Good News For Bahria Town Rawalpindi' s Peoples. Meet Yours Favorite Star At Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Here we go again! The Arena is hosting a Meet & Greet with the star studded cast of Parchi starring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman. Don't forget to join us this Saturday at 7:30Pm at The Arena, Bahria Town Rawalpindi. #BahriaTown #Arena #Rawalpindi #Parchi Mark The Date and time don't miss this Star Studded Event. For more updates and details Please Stay Tune


New Year Celebration In All Major Bahria Town

Come and Celebrate This New Year 2018 With Bahria Management It's time to welcome 2018 at Bahria Town where Epic New Year Fireworks await you in 3 cities at once Bahria Town Karachi | Bahria Town Icon | Bahria Town Lahore | Bahria Enclave Islamabad Epic Fireworks, Dancing Fountain, Music Concert, Fun, Food, Games & much more Time and Date: December 31, 2017 8:30 PM Criteria For Joining : Families Only | Free Entry No Registration Required This Whole Event is only For Families Dont Miss the day with Bahria Town. mark the date and come along with your families in this beautiful organised Festival by Bahria Town.


Possession Granted For Bahria Orchad Now

Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi started possession for some streets of 10 marla and 20 marla plots. Reference from our last Advice Associates updated you all about development work started in Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi. Now same streets that we updated in old update are granted for possession,that is big and good news for the people who invested already in Bahria Orchard. The Possesion granted for following street in 10 marla area are, Street 09,10,11 and 17 are officially possession area. For 20 marla area streets which are granted for possession are, street 02A, 01A and O1. This will be huge boost for market of Bahria Orchard because development work and possession are in progress with good pace because according to source of Bahria Town Rawalpindi they have to complete the development and possession till the end of 2018. This is best time to invest in Bahria Orchard Rawalpindi if you willing to invest or sell your property in Bahria Orhcard do call us at office time, arrange a site visit and rest of the process we will take care. Contact Number of Consultant To Bahria Orchard: 03245454247


Merging of DHA Valley with Bahria Town Karachi

Advice Associates is always keen to let you know latest news about Bahria Towns. Advice Associates is breaking the authentic news about Bahria Town Karachi, which will make the day for investor who invested their money in Bahria Towns Karachi. News is about who invested their money in old block files such as; 125,250 and 500 sq yards. The condition for availing this new is if your file is blocked and you paid down all the dues for the file, then you can unblock your file. Process for unblocking your file is written below. You can adjust your Bahria Towns file in DHA Valley file and paid remaining all the installments if dues, otherwise you can unblock your file with an ease. Balance Calculation will be as mention e-g; DHA Valley File 5 marla 11 paid 6 lac 27 thousand & 12 paid 6 lac 82 thousand. DHA Valley file 8 marla 11 paid 8 lac 50 thousand & 12 paid 9 lac 15 thousand. This is really a great gift from Bahria Towns Management. If you have any related question or information do contact us or follow us for more updates @ www.advice.pk www.bahriatowns.com


The most charitable personality (Bahria Town CEO Malik Riaz)

In Pakistan or in foreign the brand ambassador and Ceo of Bahria Town Malik Riaz known as top businessman of Pakistan. Mr. Malik started the project from Rawalpindi islmabad now it is getting better and better there is nothing that stops his idea to make Pakistan’s top elite class society which can match the standard of other top class countries. But many don’t know about Mr. Malik’s contributions towards humanity and mankind. In Pakistan he is one of most charitable personality. Now Mr.Malik started his contributions towards Muslim countries. On 27 September 2017 Mr. Malik Riaz Ceo of Bahria Towns attend a function at Uzbek Embassy Islamabad. Function was attended by Uzbek Ambassador to Pakistan and many personalities all over from world. As we Pakistani know how much Mr. Malik Riaz is kind hearted person, Mr. Malik gave us some major reason to love. Mr Malik Riaz Donates 100K USD to Uzbek Ambassador for Inaugurations of IMAM BHUKARI RESEARCHE CENTER UZBEK. After Mr. Malik Riaz this kindness he shows us why he is one of the most charitable personalities of Pakistan. For Further information & queries, please follow us at: www.advice.pk www.bahriatowns.pk


Real Estate’s Stakeholders taking the business into next Level Gwadar Pakistan

Gwadar is now one of the great investment hub for all investors related to Real Estate & there is no stopping it. The prices for properties got major boost in first quarter of 2017. Will the trend get boost or not. Let us describe you more. Reason for the boost of real estate in Gwadar:  Reliability in Taxes (for limited liability).  CPEC main reason whole world have interest & eyes on Gwadar port.  Government solved the major issues.  Fast Growing spot in region.  Rumors related to Gwadar, Development started.  Gwadar will be the winter capital of the province, offices are now starting shifting. When you will get back ROI (return on investment): Like any investment there is question when will I get back return, after many real estate projects has been develop there is more chances of boost for the real estate. ADVICE ASSOCIATES RECOMANDTION FOR THE INVESTMENT: Advice Associate is aim to give knowledge of investment where you can get good rate of ROI. Advice pick of the day is, ‘’Naval Anchorage Gwadar’’. ‘’Naval Anchorage Gwadar’’ is one of an upcoming project in Gwadar Pakistan. ‘’Naval Anchorage Gwadar’’ is also operated in islamabad. Naval Anchorage Islamabad already completed the housing project in V zone. Now next destination is Gwadar. Naval Anchorage name is for the naval officer who sacrificed their lives for sake our future. NOC is issued for housing project by GDA. Naval Anchorage Gwadar will be one of the best Housing Scheme in Gwadar consisting of a peaceful, secure & environmental friendly atmosphere and will be matter of pride for its residents and members. Don’t let this opportunity go, let us know if you are interested and more information follow us for more new and updates: www.advice.pk