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Coronavirus Effects on Real Estate Industry

Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life. This is creating economic primacy. The nature of government’s response to the disease is changing everyday due to which people are experiences uncertainty. Will Coronavirus effects the real estate sector? The answer is definitely yes. There are many factors that are effecting on real estate sector. Directly or indirectly we look at them sequentially. Sale and Purchase is extremely Low Customer who wants to buy or sell property is getting information through phone or social media but cannot come to office or visit the site. Government is preventing from gatherings due to the increasing threat of corona and that’s right. But because of that fear customer is still implementing on see and wait. Real Estate Market Trend Islamabad’s property sector has the highest turnout in March and April. Property Expo was held during those months which meant booking a new project, especially in real estate. There was a lot of activities to seen in the month of March and April (due to Ramdan) in the real estate sector. Overseas Investment As the coronavirus has become a global pandemic so overseas Pakistani’s are also affecting by it. They are seeking information but still waiting for the situation to get better in Pakistan. About thirty percent investment in the real estate sector of Rawalpindi and Islamabad is from overseas Pakistani’s those who didn’t cancel the purchase but postponed. Trend of Prices Nothing can be said about price reductions or overpricing because of the lockdown, the sale of property is not still possible it will be known only after the market opens. Even before the market closed, the market was not trending very fast. Therefore, prices are unlikely to fall even after the property office opens. State Bank of Pakistan lowers interest rates and lowers rates on stock exchange investor may prefer to invest in property. Due to the lower interest rate by State Bank of Pakistan along with the lowest rate by stock exchange, investor may prefer to invest in property which can also improve prices.  Afterwards Impacts The immediate impact of the virus may be increasing the rates of dollar and gold. Because it was happening in past in an epidemic, war or uncertainty but that happens temporarily. Prices go up to normal rates as soon as the uncertainty ends. Eventually everything will return to normal, all walks of life will be good but some people may not be with us. Coronavirus has changed the story in 2020. The virus will be controlled but in every aspect of society, its effects will be visible. And a new story will start in 2021.    

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Bahria Towns Joint Venture with Government of Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the much awaited housing project on Thursday for general public. This project is known as Naya Pakistan Housing Project (NPHP) presented by PTI’s government. This project is initiated from the land of Phulgaran, a land where Bahria Town have already started its housing scheme. The land of Phulgaran for this project is bought form Bahria Town management under a reasonable price. Wasim Bajwa told this during inauguration, who is currently the director general of the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation. According to this scheme 18500 housing units and apartments will be constructed and provided to lower income class on the basis of mortgage in the first phase. Mr. Bajwa told that 1785 Kanal of land has been taken from Bahria Town Management for the purpose of Naya Pakistan Housing Project.Other than that management of Bahria Town will construct 10,000 housing units for Naya Pakistan Housing Project on the same piece of land. And the cost of land will be return to Bahria management after the selling of housing units. Moreover Mr. Bajwa added under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSP) that project is being developed with the collaboration of Bahria Town. It’s absolutely for general public.On easy installment plan monthly installment of Rs10, 000 will be provided to individuals from the banks who are engaged to this policy such as House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC).Prime Minister Khan Addresses to General Public:During the inaugurating of the project Prime Minister Khan said that, one of the biggest hurdles in the way to execute housing program is the non-existence of foreclosure laws. Since there are defaults in laws so the banks does not sell out the mortgaged properties.For the satisfaction of the mortgage debt, Foreclosure is a tonic that is available to a creditor to proceed. But sadly in Pakistan foreclosure is only considered as a right of mortgagee to sell out mortgaged property to enforce the protected debt.We are facing lack houses problem just because banks do not give loans to the general public for housing, while if we talk about other countries, banks in India give 10% housing loans, banks in Malaysia give 30%  and UK banks give 90%  for construction of houses.Imran Khan added that this project will execute through public-private partnership because at this time government is running out of money and can’t execute this project lonely. Moreover Prime Minister said that out of 18,500 housing units, 10,000 houses are going to be constructed for those who had no money to construct their own houses. This project will be completed in the coming 5 years.  Prime Minister added that government also planned to transform informal settlements (katchi abadis) into well-planned housing schemes in all the areas of Pakistan, according to the plan half of the area will be converted into commercial centers and half will be converted into low price apartments that will be given to the inhabitants of the katchi abadis, ultimately they could also have their own houses.  Imran Khan said that overseas investors also want to invest for the housing scheme in Pakistan. And this is just the beginning of a housing era where all of those who can’t even imagine to have their own house will get it as per commitment of the government.


Pakistan's Grandest Firework At Eiffel Tower Karachi

The day of 23 March is called Pakistan Day, Resolution Day or also called Republic Day. On this historical day resolution of Pakistan is passed. There is common holiday in Pakistan and people celebrate this day with full zeal and devotion. In the same manner Bahria Town Karachi is celebrating 23 March with full enthusiasm. There would be a huge fireworks. A great evening is awaiting for you all to come and join. Open for General Public and Free Entry for Families. Timing: 23 March, 8pm, Bahria Town Karachi.  


How to Maximize House Sale Price

Increase the Selling Price of Your House In this current age of inflation it is equally important to sale out your house as to buy a new oneAlthough purchasing depends upon your budget but selling totally depends upon your brilliance and mentalityYes of course if you do a little bit of struggle you can definitely increase the demand of your houseThink wisely to prominent the factors that you consider to purchase a house for you and plan to maintain your house according to that factors.Following are some necessary points that can be useful for you in this regard.Outer Area of Your House:This is the first glance of your house that attract the purchaser. First of all consider this area either there is any unpainted area, rough surface or unwanted wire hanging there. These are the factors that dominate the beauty of your house. According to the International Renovation Consultant Bross Aurwing paint the external part is the first step to enhance the value of your house. Other than that beautiful flowers and vases are enough to add magnificent to the house.Kitchen with Appropriate Changing:According to the international Report by appropriate changing in two basic parts of the house price of house can be increased up to 7 percent. kitchen is one of that basic part and the other is washroom. Although complete renovation can go beyond your budget but minor changing can be definitely done within your budget.Cabinets and drawers are the most usable part of kitchen to keep and get Utensils or Crockery. There handles become faint due to much usage so must change the handles of cabinets and drawers.Appropriate changing in Washrooms:Washroom is also considered same as kitchen before selling the house. If washroom is damaged it can badly effect the beauty of the room so think about some necessary changing by staying in your budget.Tiles on every wall could be expensive so select any one prominent wall and try to put tiles on that wall. Buy changing the sanitary appearance of washroom turns to look more beautiful.Concentrate on Doors and Windows:If outdoor of your house is not in good condition then first of all change it. Try to change handles of the door, paint the door or wooden doors can be given shine with the help of shiner or polisher. Same things goes for windows.Make a Small Garden in Backyard:The part of the backyard that is not used much, clean that part and make a beautiful lawn there its a cheaper selection. Vases, Grass and Hanging Plants increase beauty of your house. Greenery gave pleasant effect to eyes as well as it freshen your soul. Other than that garage is an also necessary area for parking personal vehicle so there should be an specific area that is reserved for parking car, bike or cycles etc.


Green Oaks Farm Rawalpindi near New islamabad airport

Green Oaks is an residential scheme with organic farms. That is surrounded by lush green environment and peaceful area. where you can grow your own organic food. These organic farms are developed under the supervision of agricultural experts.Green Oaks provides you the facility to get annual income profits with the facility to enjoy healthy and organic life standards.Golden Investment:Buy a plot in Green Oaks make a small farm house or hut and keep some land specifically for the cultivation. Or you can also choose any business plan with the cooperation of green oaks to cultivate organic products such as fruits, vegetables, crops, or flowers and sell them to the market to earn attractive profits on annual basis.Green Oaks Farm are designed and architect with all latest amenities and facilities of life. Green Oaks provides you the opportunity to earn by healthy and natural business plan.Payment PlanInitially the payment plan is followingPayment Schedule (48 Months)Location:Green Oaks is situated on chakri interchange near cadet college Rawalpindi. Green Oaks is situated at the distance of 20 minute drive from New Islamabad International Airport. Other huge housing projects like smart city and housing foundation are also in the process of rapid development.           For Purchase and More Detalil .0331 5454249  


Housing Finance In Bahria Town By Escorts Bank

Escorts Investment Bank Limited was established in October 1996. Real Estate Developers Bahria Town join hands with Escorts Investment Bank Limited and take our management control and become Shareholders by investing 1.2 Billion Rupees in Bank on Jan 8, 2018. The main aim is to facilitate the People who have residential plots in any sector of Bahria Town. Now it’s easy for you to get finance for housing in Bahria Town. The purpose is fast development in Bahria Town through House Construction. Initially, there are two branches of Escorts Investment Bank Limited. First Branch was launched in Bahria Orchard Lahore on Feb 18, 2018 by Chief Executive Officer Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, EIBL Chief Executive Officer Zain Malik, and CEO Naveed Amin Khawaja. Malik Riaz Said, “The purpose is to solve financial challenges to buy a plot or construct a house by offering loan on less interest. 2nd Branch was launched in Bahria Town Karachi. On Feb 19, 2018. Many other more branches are on way to come and next expected branch will be open in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Escorts Investment Bank Limited will provide the following services to its customers:Housing Finance        Deposits SchemesThey offer many suitable investment activities that include money market activities, investment in government securities, capital market activities and also advisory services. Key Points for Housing Finance: Initially, finance is only allowed for the properties located in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore.Escorts Bank will provide finance to the Residents of Bahria Town.Eligibility: Pakistani Nationality with National CNIC Card.Monthly Income SourcesInstallment Affordability according to the Criteria of BankAge Limit 23 to 57 years.Not more than 50% of Credit Facility on Net Income of ConsumerMinimum Net Income 120,000 to 150,000 Rupees Monthly.                                                                       ProcessEscorts Bank provide an online form submission facility, only you have to fill an online form and submit it, their representative will contact you.Escorts Bank Facilitate its customer by providing them relevant information, Best Installment Packages, Incentive, and Investment Details that perfectly suits with customers budget.Help Line Number: 0800-03425Lahore: 042-35451300 | Karachi: 021-38651556  


Roles of Designs in Construction

No one can deny the reality of having a beautiful and stylish house for residence. Mostly we spend our time at home that is why we prefer to live in an apartment that is designed according to our taste and wishes. Everyone has its own choices according to which he chooses a location for residence. Not only the residents live happily infect outsiders and relative also admires your taste and choice. If you do not concentrate on the design of the house than it remains a skeleton.  Construction designs also affect our psychology either we feel it or not but surroundings have an effect on our thoughts and feeling.  Changes in Designs: Step by step process is followed for the construction of a house and preparing the designs is its first stage. If designs are not according to your specification then you can change it before the construction process starts. Size of walls, windows or other accessories can be change easily before the construction process starts.   Latest Machines and Designs: With the advancement in technology, the latest machines are introduced in the construction field also. That not only save time but also help to increase work efficiency. One more thing is considerable here that it is not enough to make a house with latest machines, you also have to use the latest and best designs. Due to inflation, everyone is constructing huge and heighted buildings. But you should also consider minor things in designs such as air crossing, sunlight crossing or outside garden. It’s better to hire an architect to make a design for your house. Concepts about Construction: The initial stage is to make the architecture of the house. Architectural design is made according to the desires of the owner. And after the authorization from the owner architecture is confirmed. Architectural design helps you to evaluate conceptually how the house will look like. Expected Mistakes During Construction: In the starting days of construction make sure that work is being done under experts. Where to build the wall, where to make doors these all things should be constructed according to the design. By lessening the mistakes in construction you can decrease the cost and also can save time. Safety Points: In designs, the main factor is how you build your outer walls and doors. Some people prefer to make long walls and some desired to make an iron grill for safety so that it can be locked at night.


Basement Ideas in House

It is said that fashion and trends comes back whether it’s about cloth, jewelry or even house architecture and designs. In 1990 Eastern expensive interest which was quite famous in Western countries as well, has return again in house construction. You may have seen that constructing basement in houses is being famous nowadays under the influence of western style. Basement can serve as many purposes. This gives pleasant look to your houses and on the other hand provides you extra space for social activities. Although it is an expensive craving but according to experts it is quite better approach. So let’s discuss some creative ideas that will help you regarding this matter. Basement Play House: Although it is right that construction basement is quite expensive and long process but if you think that this will increase the demand of your property then you will realize it’s worth. We often worried about children’s play area but you utilize one room in basement as play room for children then you and they both will get happy. This will also provide an charming and attractive look to your house. Library in Basement: You can also make shelves in basement where you can kept books, novels etc so that basement can serve as study room as well. Study room or library is not only a place to keep books but you can also exhibit antiques there. You can keep antiques in accordance with the books size and color. Do not much heightened the sizes of shelves, keep them in your range. Increase its attractiveness by using vases and decoration pieces. Basement Living Room or Basement Hall: If the area of basement is large then divide it into two parts. Use one portion as kitchen and second as guest room. You can decorate that room to look elegant. Basement can also be decorated with Chandeliers. You can have chit chat with family and friends in this area at evening. The effects of lights creates pleasant and relaxed environment. On the other hand you can also decorate every portion as wedding hall this will help you to remain save from wedding expenses in future. Gym in Basement: You can also setup gym in basement. This area is frequently used as gym. You can keep your exercise equipment there and can enjoy all gym facilities by staying at your home. Constructing Bedroom: Yes basement is not used as one purpose you can utilize it for many purposes. If you are desiring to make your bedroom in a peaceful environment then basement is the right portion for you. You can easily construct Italian style bedroom in basement alternatively wood is also recommended for creating unique bedroom style. Using skylights will increase its glory. Garage in Basement:  You can also utilize basement area as garage. This is another effective idea. Slope surface garage are often more recommendable and appropriate.


Wardrobe Designs for Home

Wardrobes in your room gave stunning and elegant look to your room. But in some cases you do not have enough space to make it according to latest fashion and your desire. To resolve low space issue experts discovers the way to fix wardrobe in walls or stairs. Making a wardrobe design that is particularly for you is main objective. Making a custom wardrobe enable you to fulfill some important decisions like room's stylistic theme, your utilization of the wardrobe, and how much space the wardrobe will take. These components can be worked into your custom wardrobe to guarantee that you get the best specially design wardrobe to use in your home. The main thing is to consider the place the wardrobe will go. Do you have any expert person to build it? Or you will make it by yourself? See for the space in which you can build your wardrobe? By evaluating space you will be able to know that how space you have to build your desired wardrobe type. After deciding which style you want now you have to take measurements according to them i.e. height, width and inner space of wardrobe. Following are some options that you can have to make wardrobe: If you want to make wardrobe in your room them use mirrors on them it will help you to serve as both purposes a wardrobe and a mirror as well. Also mirrors will reflect light all around the room. If your bedrooms have corners then you can utilize these corners as well. You can make multiple wardrobes in all corners. This will provide you more space. The best way to decorate your wardrobe is to make doors of wardrobe that are light in color and less in weight. They look stunning and cool. If you cannot afford expensive wardrobe then you can use its alternative such as wood to make wardrobe. You can search thousands of design for wood closest. Now a day’s sliding door wardrobes are mostly being use. These wardrobes are not only easy to open or close but also cloths do not fell outwards when you slide the door. If you have huge space and you want to utilize that space then you can make walk-in wardrobe. This wardrobe not only look beautiful infect this provide you large area to keep things or cloths in sequence. If your room is small then you can make wardrobe around the bed. You can also make shelf on the upper portion of wardrobe to expand the space or you can also keep decoration pieces on these shelves. In Pakistan the frequently using area is kitchen in any house. That is why it is important to focus on its architecture. So make decent and small sized wardrobes to keep kitchen accessories. A traditional way is to make cartoons on wardrobes in children’s room. Use pink color on wardrobe for girls and blue for boys.


Profitable Business in Pakistan’s Growing Constructive Industry

Association of Builders and Developers gave invitation of contributive investment with Chinese companies for the deficiency of 1 crore 20 lakh houses. This invitation is given by the association of builders and developers during the Pak China construction conference. The Chairman Arif Yousaf Jeewa said during addressing in a conference that there is a deficiency of 12 million housing units in Pakistan, and to overcome this deficiency amount of 180 billion dollars is required. There are huge opportunities for Chinese companies and investors in Pakistan. The constructive companies of China investing a lot in CPEC project. By importing latest machinery in Pakistan, the economy of Pakistan would increase. Commercial consoler of China Gao Chen Shi said there is deep friendship between Pakistan and China. China is doing investment in Pakistan for 50 years, Karakoram highway and other projects are its examples. Chines companies wanted to invest in a constructive industry of Pakistan. CPEC is a trading pull between both countries, which will give more strength to Pak China Friendship. Chairman of association of chines enterprises Lee Xia Xian said that in 2018 chines companies have done 41 delegations. The project of CPEC includes Gwadar Port, Construction of roads and investments in industries. The Growth of Cities in Surroundings: The constructive department of cities is growing day by day. As the facilities of employment, treatment, education, and amusements are available along with the house. Such apartments are becoming famous in Pakistan where all facilities are available under one roof. Initially, Karachi was famous for such apartments and flats but now Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Quetta, are becoming prominent due to such projects. Profitable Business: Prices of property and plots are increasing with the passage of time. And this business is much profitable as prices become 5 times higher in 5 years. People belong to this field have believed that prices of the property increase much faster than the prices of gold. Since food and shelter is human’s basic right and its worth cannot be avoided in any era. 10 year ago the price of plots was in lakhs and now it’s in crores. Especially the lands of Clifton, Defence, PECH Karachi are much valuable. Cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Quetta, Multan, Haiderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sakhar, Nawab-shah, Larkana are mostly full of population. Now the people lived in nearby villages and towns are migrating towards these cities due to which population is increasing day by day. As a result agriculture lands are destroying and with growing industries pollution is also increasing.   Exhibition of Property: With the start of new century real estates of Pakistan have made themselves more innovative and versatile. Representatives of constructive companies laid the foundation of property Expo in Cities like Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and United Arab. The sense of investing in properties has increased in Pakistani foreigners. As well as trust in this field increases and contacts get better. The successful events of property Expo in Karachi, Lahore, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi highlighted the struggles of Pakistan’s expert constructors. 


Safari Health Marathon 2018, in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Safari Club organizing 3rd Safari Health Marathon with the collaboration of Mini Golf Club in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. The purpose of this event is to make people happier and healthier. This will be a family event with full of surprises. People of all ages can take part in it like men, women, kids and senior citizens.winners will entertain with a lot of gifts. The registration process has been started and the last date for registration is 13th April 2018.  So go and get yourself register to experience a healthy activity.Event Details:Event Date- 15th April 2018Starting Point- Safari ClubEnding Point- Mini Golf ClubOther than the winning prizes, all registered members will get a marathon T-Shirt, Cap, and Certificate. 


Bahria Town Karachi Project Merging With Awami Villas

From Bahria Town Management, It is informed to all that on behalf of the open merger certificate of Rs 15,00,000/- issued by Awami Villas, the booking of 5 Marla Plots of Bahria Town Karachi project is starting from 1st April 2018. Booking forms can get from the offices of Bahria Town Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. you don't have to pay any type of processing or membership fee at the time of booking but it would be compulsory to bring original merger certificate with you.


Green Valley Rawalpindi, is Celebrating 4th Anniversary

Green Valley Hypermarket Rawalpindi is going to celebrate its 4th Anniversary.  There would a lot of surprises. As they will provide 50% off on Bakery, Butchery, Fruits & Vegetables Green Valley will also host a meet and greet with stars and you would have a chance to meet your favorite celebrity.You would have fun activities for kids as well and many more to come.Celebrations will start form 16 March and will continue till 22 March.Cake cutting ceremony will be on Sunday 18th March at 7pmSo join that amazing celebration to have fun.Stay tune for more updates!!